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Outdoor Fitness Begins Monday, June 15th!

For the first time in a long time, we’re excited to share some good news about the gym reopening!    We will be resuming training with outdoor fitness starting Monday June 15th! We’re pumped to be able to start offering this as we await more re-opening during phase 3 in July.   We’ve been working hard […]

Are Pre-Workout Supplements Good For You?

When it comes to making gains in the gym, whether that be weight loss or muscle gain, many people often turn to supplements to help them reach their goals. A high number of gym goers use pre -workout supplements to enhance their training experience in hopes of getting a better training session. This “pre-workout” class of supplements are promoted to give you more energy and stamina to get through a tough workout.

While there is most certainly a time and place for the right dietary supplements, there are concerns with the majority of these pre-workout supplements, which essentially are stimulants.