Champion’s Physical Therapy Clinical Rotations offer participants an opportunity to work alongside our team to learn and practice our system.


The Champion Physical Therapy and Performance Physical Therapy Clinical Rotation, is designed to provide physical therapy students with a comprehensive learning experience that will dramatically improve your clinical skills. You’ll have an opportunity to work in a dynamic integrated model of sports performance, adult fitness, and physical therapy. Under the supervision of the Champion Performance team, you’ll participate in working with a variety of adult and youth clients including high school, collegiate and professional athletes. Weekly staff inservices, independent learning, and one-on-one learning experiences are scheduled throughout the internship covering a variety of topics each week. In addition, interns may participate in any learning opportunities, such as seminars, that are hosted at Champion during the internship.


We accept physical therapy students throughout the year and have many pre-established relationships with schools. If interested, you should first reach out to your school to see if we have an existing relationship. If we don’t, you can give your school our contact information to reach out.

Our rotation spots are limited and we have many students applying. All physical therapy students must apply and undergo an interview prior to being selected.

Hours vary based on time of year but include a variety of times including Saturdays, early mornings, and evening hours. At times during the sports seasons, we are open until as late as 9:30 PM.


  • Excellent work ethic to get the most out of your opportunity
  • Strong desire to advance yourself and you skills
  • Eagerness and open-mindedness in learning the Champion System
  • Good people skills, communication skills, and professional presentation to allow interactions with clients, parents, coaches, and other Champion team members
  • Uphold all of the Champion Core Values at all times

We work with anyone looking to get the most out of their bodies. Our clients range from busy moms, to weekend warriors, to corporate executives, to fitness enthusiasts, to professional athletes from every sport, including:

Our team are industry leaders who have been featured in publications including: