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We provide elite level physical therapy, sports performance, and adult fitness by world-renowned experts, designed to help you get the most out of yourself.


We help people get the most out of their bodies, whether your a high school athlete, active adult, or professional athlete. But we don’t just say we train “like” the pros, we actually train the pros.

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I have full confidence that Champion can help you return from injury and take your performance to the next level.
Dr. James Andrews
Renowned Orthopedic Surgeon
There is no one I trust more to rehab an injury or enhance your performance, Champion is simply the best.
Josh beckett
3-time MLB All-Star, 2-time World Series Champion
Champion can help you excel at your sport or get back from an injury better than anyone, just like they did for me.
Jon Lester
2-Time MLB All-Star, 2-Time World Series Champion
Champion has given me a renewed energy and motivation to work out and stick with it! I have never been this strong which also helps shape how I feel mentally (more positive). I no longer have any knee pain thanks to the individualized programming. I am able to play soccer, go running and sit down on plane rides for long periods of time with no knee pain. I enjoy going to the gym knowing that I will have coaches who help make sure I am completing the exercises correctly and that I continue to push myself.
Jen M.
Brighton, MA
Champion was able to get to the heart of why I had multiple instances of lumbar disc herniations, and more importantly what I can do to fix them for the long term. By following the protocol I was not only able to get back to my active self, but was able to unlock new potential, excelling beyond where I was pre-injury and even beyond any point in my physical “prime”. I was and still am amazed at how Champion was able to free up range of motion and seemed to always know exactly what to do to get me to my goals. I cannot thank Champion enough for their complete responsibility to getting me back to my active lifestyle.
Joe S.
Watertown, MA
I wanted to get top-notch training and get ready for my upcoming season. I also wanted to stay injury free for my hockey & baseball seasons while getting in great workouts. The people here are positive and motivating, which makes it fun to come work out. I’ve also learned a lot here about how to workout right for optimal results and keep proper form to prevent injuries. I’ve gotten a lot stronger, gained 15 lbs, and seen improvements on the ice and the field. The Coaches’ attention to detail and the one-on-one feel I get is really awesome. I feel like I’m a priority to the coaches here. I really value my time here at Champion.
Christian Faggas COTM
Christian F.
Watertown, MA
Champion has been amazing, I wish I started earlier. Within a couple months I went from not being able to run to doing a 5k. I can run and lift weights and in the best shape I’ve been in ever. For years I would just go to the gym on my own and kind of had that sense you didn’t know 100% of what you were doing but didn’t realize how much you were sort of missing and how much easier and better things would be if you just worked with the right people. You guys have been awesome.
Adam K.
Newton, MA
Champion is the best. I am a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant, and I would never go anywhere else. Knowing that I can have a truly expert opinion at my fingers tips means the world to me. In a traditional PT setting, I would waste hours of time and hundreds of dollars receiving ‘treatments’ that would mostly likely never fix the problem. The traditional PT setting just doesn’t allow for the detail that recovery often needs. I know because I have done it, and I have tried it. They are at the top of his field and is the simply the best. They understand the profession for the art that it really is. Thanks, Champion!!
Cheri C.
Lynn, MA
Champion is the best. I’ve gotten a lot stronger and I’m still getting stronger, especially in my shoulder. It’s more personal. You know everyone here. At other places, I didn’t feel like that. It has a family atmosphere. And all the strength coaches and physical therapists know what they’re doing.
Holden Champion of the Month
Holden G.
Newton, MA
In the past I felt like I couldn’t consistently train because I was constantly back and forth injured, so it made it pretty impossible to actually make progress. I was looking for somewhere I could go that would be a little bit more individualized so I could focus on more of my individual weaknesses. I’ve been consistently healthy since I started training with you guys. It’s crazy how much progress i’ve been able to make over the past few months because I’ve been consistent and healthy. You guys “get it.”
Lisa R.
Brookline, MA
Champion, I travel four hours per session to see this team. Why? With five torn rotator cuff muscles and one surgery I needed the best. I am a physician and like all physicians time restrained. I needed to function yesterday. I was provided with a unique and skilled exam, therapy, workout and ultimately the result that i wanted which was to throw a baseball again to my son, pain free!!! All of my goals were met. Champion is truly exceptional.
John S.
Cape Cod, MA
I started training here because I needed to get stronger and in shape for tennis season. I like how it’s at your own pace. And if something is too difficult it can always be modified to your ability level. There is always someone to spot you and make sure you have correct form. I definitely feel like I have more stamina, that’s one thing I’ve really noticed, and just stronger in general. The other gyms I went to was a group setting and you go at the same pace as everyone else. I like the more individualized attention at Champion. In my experience, Champion is the best place to go for training.
champion of the month chris dreese 1
Chris D.
Newton, MA