The Champion Physical Therapy and Performance Strength and Conditioning Internship is designed to provide you with a comprehensive learning experience that will dramatically improve your coaching skills.

During your internship, you will have an opportunity to work in a dynamic integrated model of sports performance, adult fitness, and physical therapy. Under the supervision of the Champion team, you will participate in coaching a variety of adult and youth clients including high school, collegiate and professional athletes.

Interns follow a detailed educational curriculum covering every aspect of the Champion system, including assessment, program design, and coaching skills. Weekly staff inservices, independent learning, and one-on-one learning experiences are scheduled throughout the internship covering a variety of topics each week. In addition, interns may participate in any learning opportunities, such as seminars, that are hosted at Champion during the internship.


We are openly accepting applications for internships, you can apply at any time.  We offer three internships groups throughout the year, dates may vary slightly based on holidays:

  • Winter/Spring – January 2nd to June 1st – Deadline for submission is August 1st
  • Summer – June 1st to September 1st – Deadline for submission is February 1st
  • Fall – September 4th to December 31st – Deadline for submission is May 3rd

Hours vary based on time of year but include a variety of times including Saturdays, early mornings, and evening hours. At times during the sports seasons, we are open until as late as 9:30 PM.

We accept both full-time and part-time positions, though prefer full-time applicants.  If you have any scheduling restrictions, please disclose them while applying.

All internships are unpaid and participation does not necessarily entitle the participant to a job at the conclusion of the internship


  • Proper knowledge of common self-myofascial release, mobility, dynamic warm-up, exercise progressions, and training techniques
  • Strong desire to advance your skills
  • Eagerness and open-mindedness in learning the Champion System
  • Good people skills, communication skills, and professional presentation to allow interactions with clients, parents, coaches, and other Champion team members
  • Uphold all of the Champion Core Values at all times


  • First Aid/CPR certification that is valid for the duration of the internship
  • Able to participate in the entire duration of internship for 40 hours per week, including the potential for weekend, morning, and evening hours as needed
  • CSCS, NASM, CFSC certification or similar preferred but not mandatory
  • Exercise-related college degree preferred but not mandatory



We get dozens of applications for our internships. Please follow the below instructions prior to applying or we may not consider your application.

  • Step 1 – Film a brief ~3 minute video of yourself explaining why you want to intern at Champion, where you see yourself in the next 3-5 years, and why we should consider you.
  • Step 2 – Upload the video to Youtube and set the restrictions to view as “unlisted.”
  • Step 3 – Click here to download our application and fill out completely.
  • Step 4 – Click here to send us an email (sends to [email protected])– the subject of the email should be “Strength Intern Application.” Use the body of the email as a brief cover letter and be sure to include the private link to view your application video. Attach the application and a resume that includes at least 3 professional references.