Champion outdoor fitness

Outdoor Fitness Begins Monday, June 15th!

Champion outdoor fitness

For the first time in a long time, we’re excited to share some good news about the gym reopening!   

We will be resuming training with outdoor fitness starting Monday June 15th!

We’re pumped to be able to start offering this as we await more re-opening during phase 3 in July.   We’ve been working hard developing awesome programs that we can do outdoors in our loading dock area, and are confident that we will be able to provide an awesome workout experience.  Our coaches are very excited to have you all back and help you move towards your goals again.

We actually think this is going to be a great way to ramp back up into the gym.

How it Works

Our outdoor fitness will run Monday through Friday as a 60-minute group training session. These will be separated into Adult Fitness Groups and Sports Performance Groups for our athletes.

Although we will be operating in a group format, you will still receive individualized coaching modifications, progressions, and regressions from the coaches to fit your needs and goals. 

We will have training areas set up per social distancing guidelines outside the garage doors in the bay area. We will also be setting a limit on the total number of people in each class.

We have a ton of new safety guidelines that we encourage you to read on our website so you know all the rules.

Check out all our athletes and adults in action:


Moving forward, all training is required to be scheduled through the MindBody app or through our website (click here to view our new scheduling page).  In order to assure we have a safe capacity, we are not allowing drop-ins. Below is the schedule starting Monday, June 15th.  We will start here but will grow as needed to accommodate more times:

  • 6:30 AM – Adult Fitness
  • 8:00 AM – Sports Performance
  • 3:00 PM – Sports Performance
  • 4:30 PM – Sports Performance
  • 6:00 PM –  Adult Fitness


We will be offering 2 pricing options at this time.

  • Up to 2x a week for 1 month: $159.99
  • Up to 3x a week for 1 month: $199.99 

As per our previous packages and contracts, sessions will not roll over week-to-week or month-to-month.  We’ll continue with this model until able to fully transition back into the gym.

How to Sign Up 

To sign up for one of our training options, contact your coach or Kathryn directly (or click here to contact us). They will be able to sell you your package over the phone or via email with the credit card we have on file for you. 

Once you have a training package, you will download the MindBody app, or use our website, and schedule your time directly there. Please remember that scheduling is required in order to attend one of the classes. 

We will be sending more info on how to schedule your training after you sign uo.

Things to Note

There are a couple of changes that we want to point out!

When coming to train, we ask that you don’t enter the building; instead, head over to the outdoor area in front of the big garage doors. There, we will be taking your temperature through an infrared thermometer and asking you to sign a form that says you have not been exposed to anyone sick nor show symptoms of being sick. If you present with a fever, you will not be able to train and will be asked to return home. 

Because you will be working out outside, we want to make sure you stay very well hydrated. Please bring one or more (as many as you need) water bottles for yourself. Per government guidelines, we are unable to use the water fountain at this time. 

Lastly, in case you do need to enter the building, and for times where you can not maintain proper social distancing, we ask that you please bring and wear a mask.  Masks will be required when unable to socially distance.

Ready to Get Back?

We hope you are just as excited as we are to get back into Champion and start training! We want to thank you for sticking with us through this all and being understanding as we navigate this new temporary “normal.” 

Thank you so much and we’ll see you Monday!