Getting Over The Scale

Many women start weight loss programs to fit into their jeans better, look slimmer, feel healthier and feel more energized overall. While that 3 digit number on the scale can hold meaning to us when it comes to weight loss, it’s really important not to obsess over the number.


Because your weight does not account for the change in your body composition during your weight loss journey. The real number that holds true meaning when it comes to your jean size, health, and appearance is how many inches you’re losing, not pounds.

Checking that number on the scale frequently can be really intimidating and misleading. How many times have you started trying to lose weight through diet and exercise, but you check the scale and immediately feel stressed and anxious because of what it says?!

“Slimming down doesn’t always mean losing weight”, as described by a great article I read Losing Weight Vs. Losing Inches.  Women often gain a couple pounds when they’re eating healthier and exercising more, because they’re gaining muscle. Chances are if they took good measurements of their waist and limbs they would see a loss of inches, even when the scale doesn’t budge!


A pound of muscle is much smaller in physical size than a pound of fat.

fat vs. muscleA pound of muscle also helps burn calories while fat likes to hold on to them. Imagine replacing 2 lbs of fat with 2 lbs of muscle! I bet your “skinny jeans” would slide right on! But if you’re looking at the scale, it wouldn’t budge because you replaced the 2 pounds from fat to muscle. 2 pounds is still 2 pounds, it’s the composition that matters!

Inch loss = True fat loss!!!!

There may be other reasons why you want to lose weight. Here’s a list of common reasons why women really want to lose weight.

Fitness is a lifestyle- it’s 80% nutrition 20% exercise and 100% positive attitude

You can’t reach your goals without all three components, but I believe the most important component is feeling good about your decisions and your body (attitude!).

Throw out your scale if you have to in order to stop obsessing over that number, because it really is just a number. Inch loss is the real deal. When you lose inches, even when the scale isn’t budging, it’s telling you that you’re healthier, you’re leaner, you’re getting slimmer, you’re body is transforming. Along with those great accomplishments, you’re probably feeling healthier, more energized, and more confident too!   

Get some measuring tape, check out how to take good measurements, eat healthy, be more physically active, and most importantly….  have fun embracing the incredible journey of fitness :).  I wrote a blog post on the Best Breakfasts for Fat Loss, to get you jump started on healthy eating. 

You deserve to feel great inside and out! 

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