Y ExerciseEach day I treat many shoulder and elbow injuries in all types of athletes. Whether it’s a Crossfit athlete, a professional baseball pitcher, or just someone looking to improve their overall shoulder function, I often see many overlapping similarities.

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Lately, I’ve interacted with clients looking to take their game to the next level. Their previous physical therapy was inadequate and they found us through many avenues, whether it be word of mouth, Google search or from another health professional.  … Read more >

Injuries to the shoulder and rotator cuff are ever presenting to me for physical therapy at Champion.  As I assess and treat these clients, I maintain a firm stance that surgery may not be required and that PT is a … Read more >

Shoulder and elbow injuries, especially Tommy John surgery, have been all the rage the past few years and continues to be a pain for baseball pitchers of all ages. Trust me, my 10+ years working alongside Dr. James Andrews in … Read more >