One of the most common questions we get at Champion from our golfers is “how do I hit my drive farther?”

There is no doubt that driving distance is crucial in the modern golf game. As golf courses continue to … Read more >

Today’s guest post comes from Adam Smith, DPT, CSCS. Adam is a former student at Champion PT and a recent graduate from Northwestern University PT School. Adam just started a sports residency program at the University of Southern California in … Read more >

A recent research report in the Journal or Strength and Conditioning Research has shown that a combination of plyometric and speed training has been proven to improve jumping, sprinting, and agility performance.  Incorporating these training techniques into your strength and … Read more >

With all the baseball players that we train at Champion and start of the season right around the corner, we thought it would important to share some of the recent articles that I have posted on my website at … Read more >