Wall Iso Glute Drill

The Wall Iso Glute March Drill

The Wall Iso Glute March drill is a great exercise to increase in performance.  We use this as an activation drill in many of our sports performance programs, but this can be used everyday before competition to promote proper muscular recruitment and on the road to maintain glute, core, and hip strength and power.

The Wall Iso Glute March not only increases strength and power but also promotes proper sprinting mechanics.  Often times athletes have difficulty stabilizing their core while driving with their hips.


It is extremely important to maintain alignment with a straight line running from the ankle through the hips to the shoulder. When sprinting, an athlete should remain as low as possible. Lean against the wall as far away as you can while keeping the heels down. When driving the knee up, bring your toe up as high as possible. This will encourage flat foot contact with the ground, which will increase force production when sprinting. Notice that the foot is perpendicular with the quad and floor. Maintaining these angles will increase your stride length and cause proper recruitment when doing the drill.

It is just as important to breath to activate the core and extend your leg on the ground to activate the glutes. Inhale through the nose and exhale completely through the mouth as you raise your knee. You should feel your core brace tight and your opposite glute fire.

To make it harder, add a mini-band. The mini-band will increase core and hip tension. In the video above, our athlete uses a mini-band to increase hip and core resistance.

Repeat continuously for two sets of 4 reps each leg for activation. To increase strength perform four sets of six with a minute rest.



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