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Champion has given me a renewed energy and motivation to work out and stick with it! I have never been this strong which also helps shape how I feel mentally (more positive). I no longer have any knee pain thanks to the individualized programming. I am able to play soccer, go running and sit down on plane rides for long periods of time with no knee pain. I enjoy going to the gym knowing that I will have coaches who help make sure I am completing the exercises correctly and that I continue to push myself.


Champion has been amazing, I wish I started earlier. Within a couple months I went from not being able to run to doing a 5k. I can run and lift weights and in the best shape I’ve been in ever. For years I would just go to the gym on my own and kind of had that sense you didn’t know 100% of what you were doing but didn’t realize how much you were sort of missing and how much easier and better things would be if you just worked with the right people. You guys have been awesome.


What initially intrigued me to check out Champion PT and Performance was their combination of physical therapy adult fitness. Having been a runner my entire life and competing in high school and college, running and exercising has always been one of my favorite things to do and an important part of my daily routines. Unfortunately, it has ebbed and flowed in my life over the past 5 years due to injuries  and improper training. Over the past 5 months, I have had the pleasure of working with their physical therapists and in the gym with their strength coaches. Their collaboration and team work has allowed me to learn how to move the right way in the gym, gain strength where it is lacking, and receive physical therapy when my body needs it to stay injury free and progressing towards my goals. Their personalized strength programming, philosophy of collaboration between coaches, physical therapists, and the client, and the fun, welcoming environment has made me excited about working out again. For the first time in a long time I am starting to feel good physically and mentally. To say these guys really care about their client’s success is an understatement. Their facility is definitely worth checking out!


I have been participating in Team Training and I love it! The class is challenging, the instructors are knowledgeable, and the other participants are supportive. I have started and quit many other programs but something has kept me engaged here for over eight months. While my particular class is mainly women, when I have worked out with men at Champion there is no sexism that is sometimes present in a gym. Everyone is treated the same and the expectations are high on what you should be able to do, regardless of your gender, size, age, etc. I am incredibly pleased to have built so much muscle and strength. I feel great!


In the past I felt like I couldn’t consistently train because I was constantly back and forth injured, so it made it pretty impossible to actually make progress. I was looking for somewhere I could go that would be a little bit more individualized so I could focus on more of my individual weaknesses. I’ve been consistently healthy since I started training with you guys. It’s crazy how much progress i’ve been able to make over the past few months because I’ve been consistent and healthy. You guys “get it.”

Jean Lew Champion of the Month

Champion is the best kept secret. There is so much that is underestimated with performance. You don’t need to be injured or an athlete to come to Champion. It’s about learning to feel better, move better, and perform better. I wish I had done this when I was younger. Champion gives more individualized attention. There’s much more attention to detail. You aren’t just thrown in there to figure things out yourself. You are shown how to do things properly.

#teamchampion bob emerson

Champion’s not your run of the mill gym. Champion looks at your whole body. They build off your strengths to improve your weaknesses. I like the variety and camaraderie here. I like the atmosphere, its positive. I find it fun and engaging in the sense that it’s not repetitive. For me, I’m motivated to be here. At a normal gym, you get there and start working out for a week but soon there is nothing driving you except yourself.



I first met Mike my first year in pro ball while I was in the minor leagues. I hurt my shoulder and was being told I needed surgery, which could have threatened my career. I was young and scared, but determined. I worked closely with Mike and was able to not only avoid surgery, but also pitch 2000 innings in the big leagues. After being traded to the Red Sox, I was fortunate to get to work with Mike everyday and was able to achieve many career goals, such as pitching 200 innings in a season and make several All-Star teams. Champion excels at taking care of the baseball pitcher, but there is no one I trust more whenever I have any type of injury. I can’t recommend him enough for any athlete with any injury. He has helped me with my arm, back, neck, and other random injuries. I can’t tell you how many days I didn’t think I was going to be able to pitch, but Mike was able to get me out there every time. Not only will he help you get over an injury, he can help you avoid future injuries, and more importantly help you increase your performance. I couldn’t have done it without him and I have no doubt that he can help you get to the next level as well. Simply stated, Mike is one of the best physical therapists out there.


I’ve known Mike my entire career.  He’s helped me stay on the field and come back from injury countless times.  Champion can help you excel at your sport better than anyone, just like they did for me.


I have trust issues when it comes to coaching and health concerns with my body as I make a living as a sports professional. Team Champion has alleviated all of my concerns with their caring team, I only make sure I turn up, listen and give my best and the results take care of themselves. 6 weeks in and I’m stronger than ever.


Training facilities like this are hard to come by, Champion is one of the best. Training has made me stronger and a better person, and I’ve formed great relationships with the other athletes and coaches.  If you’re looking for a place to be fit and mentally fit go there.


I wanted to get top-notch training and get ready for my upcoming season. I also wanted to stay injury free for my hockey & baseball seasons while getting in great workouts.  The people here are positive and motivating, which makes it fun to come work out. I’ve also learned a lot here about how to workout right for optimal results and keep proper form to prevent injuries.  I’ve gotten a lot stronger, gained 15 lbs, and seen improvements on the ice and the field.  The Coaches’ attention to detail and the one-on-one feel I get is really awesome. I feel like I’m a priority to the coaches here.  I really value my time here at Champion.

champion of the month chris dreese 1

I started training here because I needed to get stronger and in shape for tennis season.  I like how it’s at your own pace. And if something is too difficult it can always be modified to your ability level. There is always someone to spot you and make sure you have correct form.  I definitely feel like I have more stamina, that’s one thing I’ve really noticed, and just stronger in general.  The other gyms I went to was a group setting and you go at the same pace as everyone else. I like the more individualized attention at Champion. In my experience, Champion is the best place to go for training.


Champion is the best.  I’ve gotten a lot stronger and I’m still getting stronger, especially in my shoulder.  It’s more personal. You know everyone here. At other places, I didn’t feel like that. It has a family atmosphere.  And all the strength coaches and physical therapists know what they’re doing.



Champion are some of the leading sports physical therapists in the country.  I have trusted them in the care of my patients and athletes having known them for many years.  Mike and Lenny were with us in Birmingham at the Andrews Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Center, were originally trained under Kevin Wilk, and then staff therapists for many years.  I have always tried to get my athletes to them because of their experience and knowledge in rehabilitation.  Most notably, are their contributions to baseball, which are well documented.  They are some of the best and most knowledgable therapists when it comes to baseball injuries.  I have full confidence that Champion can help you return from injury and take your performance to the next level.

Tim Collins

When you are going through a rehab process, you want to put yourself in the best position to succeed.  So there is no reason why you shouldn’t seek out the best PT facility for that reason.  I moved my family from Virginia to Boston following my Tommy John surgery to rehab with the team at Champion and help me get back to the big leagues.

Carl Anderson

Champion has been really important to me.  It’s been life changing to find the right people that have all the right experience and knowledge that I need to compete at a high level.


I had right shoulder surgery for my rotator cuff. I had already gone through the traditional PT, but I knew for me that I lead an active lifestyle, I’m involved with Crossfit, and I wanted to get back to lifting weights. The entire staff at Champion is just incredible. I feel that I am worth it getting the quality of care I am receiving here.


Meeting Mike brought me out of a very challenging point in life for which I am forever grateful. I got into that challenging period due to a re-herniation of a disc in my lumbar spine while weightlifting. In recent years post college and after “hanging up my cleats” I had begun training using a variety of power and Olympic style lifts in a competitive group atmosphere. It felt great to regain my competitive spirit and see fitness gains that carried over in my active life, skiing, hiking, etc… However, when this older injury resurfaced, this time it was severe. Dealing with this severely herniated L4/5 combined with major nerve irritation left me in constant pain and highly immobile, a drastic change from the active, pain-free, able to tackle anything ability I once felt. I had had a previous injury in my later teenage years to which I healed and regained playing sports; however this reoccurrence was much more severe; forcing me to work from home, sleeping on the floor, and in general majorly disrupting my active lifestyle. The first time I met Mike I was over in the corner of my local gym sulking while trying to do anything to alleviate the pain I was in. Mike asked how I was doing, to which a grunted “terrible actually” was scoffed back by me. However, Mike did not shy away from me being a difficult, stubborn client, he jumped head first to get me out of pain and return to my normally scheduled programming. Over those next few months (and still to this day as I still go in for check-ups/updates), Mike not only worked to clear up my symptoms but get to the root of my issues and not simply mask my problems but solve them as to never occur again. Through his many methods, Mike was able to get to the heart of why I had multiple instances of lumbar disc herniations, and more importantly what I can do to fix them for the long term. By following his protocol I was not only able to get back to my active self, but was able to unlock new potential, excelling beyond where I was pre-injury (and even beyond any point in my physical “prime”). I was and still am amazed at how Mike was able to free up range of motion and seemed to always know exactly what to do to get me to my goals. I cannot thank Mike enough for his complete responsibility to getting me back to my active lifestyle.


I recently had Tommy John surgery and I wouldn’t do my rehab any other place. The staff exceeds the experience and knowledge that the typical physical therapist has. I chose to go to Champion because I truly trust everything that they do and believe that no other place could better prepare me to get back on the field.exactly what to do to get me to my goals. I cannot thank them enough for his complete responsibility to getting me back to my active lifestyle.


Champion, I travel four hours per session to see this team. Why?   With five torn rotator cuff muscles and one surgery I needed the best. I am a physician and like all physicians time restrained. I needed to function yesterday.  I was provided with a unique and skilled exam, therapy, workout and ultimately the result that i wanted which was to throw a baseball again to my son, pain free!!!  All of my goals were met.  Champion is truly exceptional.


Champion is awesome. Mike and Lenny are both great and know exactly what they are doing. Knowing that they both have so much experience ensures me that I am in great hands. It is especially cool knowing that Mike has worked with the Red Sox in the past, so that really makes me feel more comfortable in their hands. I recently had Tommy John surgery and these guys were recommended to me. Im 12 weeks out of the surgery now, and my elbow already feel basically normal. There is no way I would be feeling this great without Champion. I have no doubt that in their hands I will make a full recovery.


I flew out from the UK to see Champion after bilateral hip arthroscopies for FAI. I’d seen what felt like an endless number of practitioners without ever being confident that I was in good hands and could find nobody to help with ongoing hip and lower back issues. Six weeks after returning home, I can honestly say that traveling out to see Mike has been the single best decision I’ve taken in the management of my condition. From the outset he provided an outstanding level of care and made a material difference to the quality of movement in my badly affected left hip. He also took the time to educate me as to the best way to manage my conditioning moving forwards and to stay involved from a distance. I can’t recommend working with Champion highly enough; it is no exaggeration to say that he has measurably improved my quality of life and allowed me to return to regular activity. Thanks!


Champion is the best. I am a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant, and I would never go anywhere else. Knowing that I can have a truly expert opinion at my fingers tips means the world to me. In a traditional PT setting, I would waste hours of time and hundreds of dollars receiving ‘treatments’ that would mostly likely never fix the problem. The traditional PT setting just doesn’t allow for the detail that recovery often needs. I know because I have done it, and I have tried it. They are at the top of his field and is the simply the best. They understand the profession for the art that it really is. Thanks, Champion!!


I wanted to thank you for the assessment of my shoulder issue. The information you gave me in 2 hours was much more useful and effective than a previous prescription of 16 weeks PT for the same symptoms! As a result of your findings and recommendations, the quality of my training has increased dramatically! I’ve realized an average 20% increase in my ground based lifts, and my body weight training is averaging 30% better, in just 6 weeks of following your protocol. I appreciate the way you treated the system and not just the symptoms. I hope I never need your services again, but I’m glad you’re there, just in case.


After having multiple shoulder surgeries and going through over a year of physical therapy with many different physical therapists I made the decision to fly up to Boston to see the best. Mike and Lenny really take their time to evaluate you and get to the bottom of the issue. You can really tell they genuinely care and want to return their patients/athletes to 100%. Within just a few days of following the rehab plan of what exercises and stretches to do and cutting out the ones I had been doing but didn’t need I feel remarkably better. The only regret I have is not getting in to see them sooner!


Mike and Lenny are the best! My 16 year old daughter had three doctors tell her that she would need surgery on her shoulder and would never play softball again. (She has been playing since she was 6). Fifth opinion and a month with Mike and she is on the field again with no surgery. She is now living pain free and is playing the game that she loves. We will be forever grateful to Mike for fixing her not only physically but mentally as well! After being told by three doctors that she would never play again, Mike told her that she is an athlete and a champion and with hard work by her and Champion, she is once again an athlete and a champion! Thank you Champion for doing what everyone else told us was impossible!