Introducing our acclaimed online adult fitness and sports performance training programs for people unable to train with us in person


Champion’s amazing new online training programs have something for everyone looking to feel, move, and perform better

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You can now follow Champion’s acclaimed programming from a distance!  Our team of world-renowned strength coaches and physical therapists have teamed up to build online versions of our most popular programs.  Our team has over 20 years of experience working with 1000’s of clients.  We’ve used this experience to constantly refine our amazing adult fitness and sports performance online programs based on exactly what we do at Champion, and what we know works!

  •  Expertly designed programs based on science and experience
  •  Based on the same programs used daily at Champion
  •  Programs designed to restore, optimize, and enhance how well you feel, move, and perform
  •  Our programs focus on all aspects of performance – mobility, agility, strength, power, and endurance

Whether you’re just looking into starting a fitness program, an advanced trainee, or an elite athlete, there’s a program for you.  All our programs can be scaled to help you get started or take your fitness to the next level.

  • Unleash your inner athlete, get in the best shape of your life, and take your fitness to the next level

  • Maximize all aspects of your performance, while reducing your injury risk.


Our brand new online training platform has everything you need to easily follow our programs.  You’ll get access to our online website to view your program, exercise demonstrations, and more from any computer, phone, or tablet.  You can easily follow along on the go, or print out a comprehensive workout card to follow in the gym on your own and log your workouts.


We combine our strength and conditioning programming with educational resources to help you take your fitness to the next level by truly learning.  At Champion, our team members are experts in the fields of performance training and therapy.  Our goal with our online platform is to not only provide you with a great training program, but also an educational resource so you learn the method behind our programs and develop your own training skills.

Plus, for those that are fitness or rehabilitation specialist, you’ll not only enhance your own body and performance, but also improve your coaching and produce better results for your clients.


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Champion has given me a renewed energy and motivation to work out and stick with it! I have never been this strong which also helps shape how I feel mentally. I am able to play soccer, go running and sit down on plane rides for long periods of time with no knee pain.
Jen M.
I’m really enjoying the program!!! I’ve been super stoked to hit the gym knowing I’ve got a solid program to do on my own without having to think!
Suzanna S.
I’m a PT and wanted to learn a solid program to transition some of my patients. I took my first client through the program and she LOVED it. I look forward to incorporating this with many more people down the road.
Jim H.
Champion has been amazing, I wish I started earlier. Within a couple months I went from not being able to run to doing a 5k. I can run and lift weights and in the best shape I’ve been in ever. For years I would just go to the gym on my own and kind of had that sense you didn’t know 100% of what you were doing but didn’t realize how much you were sort of missing and how much easier and better things would be if you just worked with the right people.
Adam K.
I’m really enjoying the program! Mainly for the exercise progressions it offers eadh month. As a personal trainer myself, it’s been extremely educational in that regard.
Raymond B.
Absolutely awesome program! It’s not a full throttle, load ’em up and blast away kind of program, it is very steady in progressing load. This program is definitely designed intelligently.
Teymur M.


When you sign up for a program, you’ll gain access to our online training website.  You can access this at any time from your phone, tablet, or computer.  Each program has both an online version and a printable workout card for you to follow at the gym.  You’ll get video demonstrations of each exercise, as well as regression/progression recommendations for the key exercises.

We’ve designed a variety of training programs to help you reach your own specific goals. That being said, there are some similarities that you will see amongst all of the programs.

At Champion, we believe that everyone should focus on all of our physical qualities, including our mobility, agility, power, strength and endurance.  All of our programs incorporate a combination of soft tissue prep using self myofascial release, mobility drills, dynamic movement prep, agility and reaction training, power drills, strength training, and metabolic condition work for endurance.  Strength training is often the main portion of the programs as we believe strength is the foundation to looking, feeling, moving, and performing better.

You’ll often see exercises prescribed for specific sets and reps, but in some cases you’ll also see timed work to rest ratios for high intensity interval training, density strength training, etc. All of it is specific to the goal of the training program.

Each program will have different requirements.  Some programs can be performed at home, while others will need access to a gym.  Many of the programs include a variety of exercise equipment such as barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, bands, and medicine balls.  Most well-equipped gyms these days should have all this equipment.  We avoid the use of a lot of speciality bars and equipment to assure the program is achievable for a wide variety of people.

Many of the exercises will have variations if you don’t have all the equipment.  If you don’t have access to a specific piece of equipment, you can post a message to the group and we’ll provide an alternative for you!

If you have to travel during the program, you can often find adequate substitutes for equipment in hotel gyms, or maintain your progress with body weight versions of the exercises.

You sure can!  Our programs are very complimentary to other fitness activities, like running, cycling, and yoga.  If you have specific weight loss goals, we encourage you to perform other conditioning based exercises on your off days as well. If you’re doing one of our strength programs, we often suggest that you stick to the work prescribed for you since our programs are built to be comprehensive.

It depends on the program!

We have programs that can be performed anywhere from 1-6x per week based on your schedule and the goals of the program. For optimal results, we generally recommend you workout 3-4 times per week, so that’s why it’s a sweet spot for most of our training programs. If you are new to training, you can start at 2x per week and move up when you feel more comfortable.

For those doing other types of non-strength based training, like running, cycling, or yoga, the programs can be performed 1-2x per week as a strength adjunct to your other activities.

Our online training platform has a variety of programs for different durations.  Our flagship program, Champion Strong, is 12-months long.  Many of our speciality programs are 3 months long.  We encourage you to keep things fresh and shift around your programming every 3 months or so. That’s why even Champion Strong shifts gears into different phases every 3 months for the whole year.

For most programs, a new program is released each month that builds on your program and progress from the last month.  The focus and structure of the program will change over time to shift priorities, keep your workouts fresh, and help you achieve new goals.

We suggest you try not to add any strength training to the workouts.  We have designed the programs to be comprehensive and progressive.  If you overload a certain area, it may limit you in future progressions.  Other fitness activities, like running, cycling, and yoga are great additions.  If you specifically have to do some sort of corrective exercises for your specific situation, that’s absolutely fine, add them to your warm up. If you want to do anything additional to these workouts, pick a couple of the conditioning workouts each week, especially if your main goal is fat loss.

It’s hard to say without knowing the specifics of the injury.  We recommend you get cleared by your physician prior to starting any training or exercise routine.

We try to list progressions and regressions for each of the main exercises to make them as applicable as possible to a wide range of people.  But we always look to get clearance from a medical professional before beginning any exercise program, and that includes checking with a health care provider if you have a history of long-standing or acute injuries.

We also have speciality programs that you can purchase for specific goals.

Absolutely, there’s a regression to each main exercise to make it easier, but you can also cut down the sets (from example from 3 sets of 10 to 2 sets of 10) and the frequency of the program (for example from 3x per week to 2x per week) during the first couple of weeks of the programs as you get started.

Yup, our flagship program, Champion Strong, has be written to be comprehensive and progressive. Even if you’ve been training for some time, we’ve noticed that many people do not have a comprehensive program that includes mobility, agility, power, strength, and endurance training. Then, we’ll add more advanced periodization and set/rep schemes to help you achieve new goals. We’ll also offer advanced progressions of the main exercises to assure they are challenging.

Plus, our educational videos and resources will help you fully understand the “why” behind the program.

In addition to Champion Strong, we have a variety of other programs you can follow, with more being added all the time!

You sure can!  You will have access to our coaches if you have questions about your program!

All of the Champion Online Programs are an online recurring monthly membership program.  You will get billed each month at the specific subscription rate.  You can easily cancel yourself at anytime on our website in your profile.  When you cancel all future payments will stop and you will lose access to the materials and platform.