Champion’s Elite Pitching Performance Program has everything you need to maximize your performance, increase your velocity, and reduce your chance of injury.


Our programs can be customized based on your needs and goals. We’ll show you exactly what you can do to help enhance your performance and reduce your injury risk.

In order to become an elite level baseball pitcher, there are many areas you must focus on during your development. It’s not as easy as it seems on some people’s Instagram accounts. You can’t just perform one magical “velocity” program, use one magical training aid, or perform one magical pitching drill.

We all wish it were that simple.

In reality, there are three main “buckets” to maximize to develop elite pitching performance:

  • Arm Care – The body develops the force when throwing, but the arm must control the force. A solid arm care program is the foundation of every Major League Baseball pitcher’s routine, yet often ignored in younger athletes.
  • Strength and Conditioning – Not every strength program is optimal for getting the most out of baseball pitchers. By focusing on developing complete athleticism, lower body strength, and linear and rotational power, you can easily enhance your velocity and performance.
  • Throwing and Mechanics – Notice how throwing is last?  Without the two buckets above in place, it won’t matter how good your mechanics are or what throwing program you follow. You can work on developing sound pitching mechanics and learn how to pitch using multiple pitches, location, sequencing, and movement. Then, when you’ve optimized yourself, we can work on advanced techniques to improve velocity, like long toss and weighted balls.

Most pitchers pick one, maybe two, of these buckets to focus on, but in order to really take it to the next level, you must focus on all three.  This is the secret to developing elite pitching performance and exactly what the Big Leaguers we work with do to prepare themselves for each season.

Champion can help maximize your arm care and strength buckets, so you can focus on your throwing with your coaches.

Champion Baseball Performance


Work with Champion’s team of physical therapists and strength coaches. The most comprehensive, scientifically proven, and effective program to develop your baseball pitching performance.


The foundation of any pitching performance program must be arm care.  The key to staying healthy and maxmizing performance is having a bullet proof arm with strong rotator cuff, scapula, and forearm mucles.  Our program has been researched and scientifically proven to help reduce injury and enhance pitching performance.

Champion’s acclaimed Arm Care Program is based on the same program routinely used by Big Leaguers throughout MLB and features a combination of manual therapy, soft tissue massage, recovery modalities, manual strengthening exercises, and dynamic stabilization drills with our team of physical therapists.  This is the exact program that Champion’s Mike Reinold developed for the Boston Red Sox and is still used today.


To truly develop elite level pitching, you must understand the baseball pitcher. Most strength and conditioning programs are developed for generic athletes, or worse, other sports like football.  Baseball pitchers have unique needs and demands.

Efficient mechanics and effective velocity is developed through a combination of factors such as hip-shoulder separation, linear and rotational power, and forceful intent to drive off the rubber.  Power is developed from the lower body, transferred through the core, and dissipated through the arm.

Understanding this is critical to building a baseball-specific strength and conditioning program.

At Champion, we believe that the most optimal strength and conditioning program for a baseball must focus on the above unique needs of a pitcher, but also develop complete athleticism while avoiding exercises that may be disadvantageous to baseball pitchers.  We believe a comprehensive program must focus on:

baseball performance training boston

All pitchers in our Elite Pitching Performance program are provided a comprehensive throwing program that they can perform on their own to build arm strength and prepare for the season.  A gradual throwing program to prepare the arm for the season is one of the most simply ways to prevent injury, build arm strength, and enhance velocity.

For those looking for even more pitching development, we have several local pitching coaches that we often collaborate with for those that don’t currently work with a pitching coach.   We can work with them to help you:

  • Pitch with efficient mechanics to remain durable and repeat your delivery
  • Change speed between fastball and off-speed pitches
  • Repeat delivery to locate pitches, properly sequence, and tunnel different pitch types
  • Control spin rate, horizontal and vertical movement
  • Maximize velocity


We don’t just say “train like the pros.”  We actually train the pros.  We work with athletes of all ages included youth, high school, college, and professional athletes.  We’ve worked with big leaguers from every MLB team, include World Series Champions, All-Stars, MVPs, and Cy Young winners.  Our programs are all based on the programs that Champion’s Mike Reinold developed as Head Athletic Trainer and Physical Therapist of the Boston Red Sox.

These programs that were developed by us are the same programs used throughout MLB right now by the tons of Big Leaguers.

Champion can help you excel at your sport better than anyone, just like they did for me. Their programs are a big part of my routine.
Jon Lester
2-Time MLB All-Star, 3-Time World Series Champion
There is no one I trust more to enhance your performance or return from an injury, Champion is simply the best. I’ve followed their programs my entire career.
Josh beckett
3-time MLB All-Star, 2-time World Series Champion
Without Champion’s arm care and performance programs, I honestly wouldn’t be pitching right now. They helped me extend my career.
Brad Penny
2-time MLB All-Star, 2-time World Series Champion


We can help you customize a program that’s perfect for your individual needs.

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